Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I ♥ Cheltenham

Since moving back to Cheltenham I've started to appreciate just how lovely this town is and I'm very grateful that I got to grow up here! Now that I'm living in the town centre my eyes have been opened to the beautiful architecture and the amazing regency buildings. (I must take some photos!) I'm very excited about spending spring and summer here, and being able to make the most of the various events that are going on in Cheltenham.

I should mention here that I've been offered a Press & PR internship with Cheltenham Festivals which I start the on the 6th April. I'm going to be assisting the marketing team two days a week during the run up to the Science Festival (7-12 June) and the Music Festival (29 June - 10 July). This of course means that I now have two unpaid jobs and a bar job but it should be a great experience - especially when combined with the events and PR experience I'm gaining from Bristol Vintage.

Talking of events, I'm planning on going to the Love Food Festival this weekend in Bristol as I have a very lovely 3 day weekend to look forward to! Cheltenham is also hosting a Food and Drink Festival on the 17th/18th/19th June. Lots of things to put in the diary - I'd better start booking some time off!

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  1. Food and Drink festival?! Sounds like the perfect three day weekend :)

    I like this background the most over the flowery one :)

    Blog buddies!xx