Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spring is here!

I've spent a lovely day sat in Imperial Gardens reading my book and trying to get a bit of colour onto my shockingly pale legs.

And as it has been such a lovely sunny day I decided to take a few snaps!

But whilst taking the next one I spotted something that put a massive dampner on my day.

Can you see that green and blue sign? Well that sign says 'Let' on it. Which came as a bit of a surprise as we had put an offer on this flat and had been told that it had been taken off the market as the landlord is overseas and they couldn't contact him. So of course I call them and they tell me that we were informed that they had managed to get hold of the landlord and another couple had also put in an offer, which was accepted as the landlord didn't want to put up blinds! Well if I'd had actually been told all of this we would of put up our own bloody blinds!

And to rub salt into the wound the other house we found last week and had put an offer on has also been rejected as the landlord decided to go with another offer. When will it end? I hate househunting!

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  1. Beautiful photos! :))